The Land Exchange

The Village is proposing a land exchange or access to its property. Click here to see a summary of our proposal.

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  • Project Timeline

    The Land Exchange process, platting and construction will take some time to complete. While difficult to estimate, click here to see an estimate of the timeline for The Village.

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  • Community Options

    If the Land Exchange is approved, the Village will be developed under one layout plan. If the Land Exchange is not approved and we build on our current land, the layout will be different. To see these different community options, click here.

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  • Sustainablity

    The Land Exchange is environmentally friendly, but other measures are being taken by the team to minimize enironmental impacts as part of its plans for the project. CLick here to learn more.

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  • Economic Opportunities

    Numerous construction jobs and operations jobs will be created by The Village, as well as indirect benefits to the local communities surrounding Wolf Creek. Click here for a summary of the economic opportunities the area might experience in the coming years.

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  • Meet the Team

    Click here to learn about the principals and development team and their interests.

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