Economic Opportunities

Thinking Locally

As part of the Land Exchange process, the USFS’s Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) studied the social and economic impacts of the Village at Wolf Creek on the three counties that surround the mountain.  This analysis was completed using a recognized computer model known as the IMPLAN model to generate pertinent information such as an estimate of the number of jobs created, monies earned from such jobs, impacts on social services, emergency services, and schools, and tax impacts.  And, while the results of the IMPLAN model under this EIS are merely estimates, it is clear that the Village will create a large number of jobs, and in our opinion, will result in a number of positive impacts to the surrounding communities.  Below are some possibilities we see created by the Village that could be very positive for the tri-county area:

  • Creates new construction and operations jobs for locals
  • Creates new indirect jobs for locals due to increased staffing needs at various businesses
  • Creates new housing for workers migrating from other areas
  • Creates new emergency service and medical jobs to serve an increased population
  • Creates new professional service jobs due to increased population
  • Prompts new sales and property tax revenues from increased population
  • Increased population sparks new businesses to come to the region
  • New marketing exposure of the region brings new tourists
  • New small businesses are created due to increased population and new tourists
  • Real estate and construction sectors are revitalized with new developments

Some will always view change negatively without the factual information to support their views.  We prefer to see the positive that change can present because we believe the Village creates a bright long term future, not only for the Wolf Creek area, but also for those communities that surround it.